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How to get your first SAAS customer

There is an abundance of guides on how to build, grow, and sell a software startup. Yet, no one talks about the first and most important step: How to get your first customer.

Learn the simple, iterative process to get your first SAAS customer from successful startups and founders.

This guide was written to help you do one thing, get a paying customer for your SAAS startup. It's the guide that I wish existed when I was struggling to find customers.

So many people talk about building for scale, having solid foundations, developing support, engineering, and marketing systems yet no one talks about that very important and defining step in building your startup; Your first customer will change the course of everything. A paying customer is the strongest form of validation.

If you have just an idea, an MVP, or are looking to get your first SAAS customer than look no further. This guide is a simple process to land your first customer and beyond.


*Note — This is NOT a get rich quick guide, a book of “shortcuts”, or a “how to build something that a million people are guaranteed to buy” course. 

This book is a guide for founders to get their first SAAS customer. It includes strategies used by large startups, small solo makers and founders, and showcases real products.

What you'll learn

Learn how startups and real founders, makers, and hackers got their first SAAS customer. From testing your idea, creating value, and getting attention, to iterating until you get your first customer.

  • Real founders and their stories
  • Successful startups and their early strategies
  • Actionable advice on what you can do now

Book Contents

  1. Your hypothesis
    • How to develop a simple hypothesis
    • Test your hypthesis
  2. The Process
    • Build your vehicle
    • Set your hook
    • Get Attention
  3. Meet the founders
    • Founders, Makers, and Hackers
    • What do they have in common?
    • Unique strategies
  4. Startup early strategies
    • How stripe did the work
    • Slack's internal focus and growth strategy
    • Netflix's community
    • Airbnb's rocky road to adoption
    • Spotify: the music platform we needed
Meet the founders and makers

Learn from these founders

Learn how real founders, makers, and hackers got their first SAAS customer

Arvid Kahl
Founder of FeedbackPanda, PermanentLink, Author of Zero to Sold
Alex West
Founder of Cyberleads
Hari Krishna
Founder of Simpleops, Visalist
Baird Hall
Cofounder of Waave, Zubtitle, Duplikit, and Churnkey
Marko Saric
Founder of Plausible
Rhys Diab
Founder of Agile docs
Sharath Kuruganty
Founder of shoutout
Pierre de Wulf
Founder of Scrapingbee
Russell Barnard
Founder of Snappd
Stefan Vetter
Founder of Friendly
Tobias Lins
Founder of Splitbee
Alexander Isora
Founder of Unicorn Platform
Valentin Hinov
Founder of Thankbox
Matt Kandler
Founder of Happyfeed
Noah Bragg
Cofounder of Coffeepass
Jakob Greenfield
Founder of Product Explorer
Joe Masilottie
Founder of Mugshotbot
Hani Moura
Founder of Repurpose
Aditya Rao
Founder of Kaapi
Ben Mann
Founder of Tiny Log
Sasha Koss
Founder of Chirr App
Anton Fenske
Founder of Dev Skills
Mike Rubini
Founder of Trendly
Startups and products

And these startups

Early stage strategies from successful startups and small maker products

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Large Startups

How to get your first SAAS customer

An adaptive and actionable guide on executing on your idea to get your first customer

Whether you just have an idea or already have an MVP, this guide will show you the steps you can take — and examples from successful founders — to get your first SAAS customer.